Thai Black Asper Bamboo



Botanical Name:

Dendrocalumus Asper ‘betung hitam’




Full sun, paddock or forest

Max Height:


Soil Conditions:

Rich damp soil will encourage lush tall strong growth

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I along with many other friends have come to the conclusion, that the Thai Black Asper Bamboo (Dendrocalumus Asper ‘betung hitam’) may be “the best looking plant in the world”. It is a rainforest plant that will grow flawlessly in a eucalyptus forest (20m tall! 1.5m wide) but will also do okay in an open paddock position.

It is the largest growing black bamboo in the world with beautiful patch white powder on each node. It’s shoots are very delicious to eat and quite valuable, if you can bring yourself to cut one off (I couldn’t do it personally, they look amazing!).

The species handles the NSW climate fine, late shoots abort quickly or burn back inland, returning quickly in spring.

only commonly avail in mature 300mm size due to the plants extremely large size

  • Dendrocalumus Asper ‘betung hitam’
  • Thailand
  • Full sun, paddock or forest
  • 25m
  • Rich damp soil will encourage lush tall strong growth

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