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Clumping bamboo for screening

Clumping bamboo for screening

Here at Bamboo South Coast we supply a huge range of clumping bamboo varieties that range in size from 3-15m mature height. Always supplying the highest quality product with full, lush foliage. We supply from South Coast NSW and deliver to Sydney CBD weekly. Bamboo is ideal for a fast growing plant in a tight or narrow spot, making it a perfect plant for quick and efficient screening.

Bambusa textilis Gracilis Slender Weavers Bamboo is one of our most popular screening bamboos for residential and rural areas. Gracilis or more ocmmonly known as ‘slender weaver bamboo’ features smooth green clums with large leaf deep green foliage.

This tight clumping bamboo is ideal for any tall screen, growing to 5-7m tall mature height. Standard sizing always on hand for Gracilis 1.5m-4m tall, pricing ranging from $55-$99.

Bambusa multiplex Goldstripe is another beautiful option we offer here on the South Coast NSW. Very similar growth rate/style to Gracilis. Clumping up to 80-100cm this bamboo makes for another beautiful screen. Gold Stripe features smooth green clums with lines of gold/yellow and beautiful green foliage with a silver undertone.

These super tough bamboo’s will handle a range of climates including low temperatures and frost once established.

Tips for these fast growing plants is correct irrigation. We highly recommend an automated irrigation system that ensures the young plants when planted get water every day the correct way as this is essential to continue their healthy thick growth all year round.

Please contact the team at Bamboo South Coast for any bamboo needs or instalments.