Blue grass Tree



Botanical Name:

xanthorrhoea glauca




Full sun

Max Height:


Soil Conditions:

Well drained soil of medium to low organic content.

Qty Avail:

Approx 40 avail different trunk heights



The Blue grass tree is the ultimate feature tree for any style garden.Use this tree for a single feature or in odd groups of 5-7 in different heights if Budget allows!

These plants boast an incredibly thick trunk and a beautiful silver coating on the foliage which provides improved protection (Compared to its thin trunked green headed cousin!) againts the harsh Australian conditions.

The Blue grass tree Will handle very cold conditions (Melbourne,Canberra and Sydney) and high wind coastal areas. Blue grass trees Love rainfall -you can actually see them “Flush” their blue shoots when it rains – also providing a native fertilizer periodically(monthly in grow season) will assist in faster growth.


Grass trees can be burnt for asthetics and also health every 3-7- years, be fire safe please 🙏

NOTE- Grass trees are protected in australia- Our trees are sourced from Private farms (or seed grown!) with permits and ALL trees supplied must have DPI approval Tags.

  • : xanthorrhoea glauca
  • : Australia
  • : Full sun
  • : 5m
  • : Well drained soil of medium to low organic content.
  • : Approx 40 avail different trunk heights