Alcanterea extensa




South America-


Full sun

Max Height:


Soil Conditions:

Drained well bark mix

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Alcantarea extensa blue

is a beautiful dusty silver blue bromeliad, often producing purple tips generally in time of hardship- poor soil- lack of nutrients and strong light.

Giant bromeliads are great plants for beginners, they do thrive on neglect and look better in poor soil, on trees or rockeries.

When Alcantarea bromeliads flower(can be anywhere from 2-20 years old), they will often put on a show for 8 months or so and then the mother plant will slowly deteriorate, often producing many young from underneath that can be removed and easily re-grown for the future

  • South America-
  • Full sun
  • 1m
  • Drained well bark mix

  • 100
  • 300mm pot (approx 70cm tall and wide) $99

  • Alcantarea extensa
    Alcantarea extensaAlcantarea extensa
    Alcantarea extensaAlcantarea extensa 200mm
    Alcantarea extensa 200mm